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With The Best HTML Web Calendar Creator, you can create an online calendar that you can share with friends or group members so that everyone can stay in touch with upcoming planned events.


- Intuitive and easy-to-use, no need for HTML or programming knowledge
- Select the months you want to display online
- Monthly pages with high-level event information
- Detailed pages with event details including start/stop times, location, descriptions
- Customizable color choices on every aspect of the calendar
- Maintain multiple calendars
- Calendars can be maintained by more than one person on more than one computer
- Multiple calendars can be maintained
- Images can be displayed at the top of calendar
- Images can be displayed on detailed events
- 7 languages supported (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
- Navigational arrows for scrolling through months online
- Link to other web pages or your home page
- Font size and color options for Calendar Title and Month/Year labels
- Allow other people to update your calendar from their computer over the internet
- FTP capability to upload your calendar to your website
- Try-before-you-buy, so you can see exactly how it works on your computer before you pay anything
- Automatic HTML code generation - at the click of a button
- and more!
- Inexpensive - You can purchase this great program for only $17 - similar products cost from $25 to over $200, and have fewer features.

That's why we can boldly call this "The Best". Try it for free. Just download the software below, and if you agree this is the best tool, then you can buy the registration code that will allow you to fully use the software for setting up calendars for yourself or your group.

Screen excerpts:


Events for
a Date

Create an


FTP to
Who needs a calendar online?

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Group leaders - can schedule meetings, parties, and special events


Teachers - can document homework assignments and field trips for their students and parents


Music directors - can schedule practices and performances


Businesses - can schedule events in a common place for all employees to see


Family members - can put all birthdays, anniversaries and special events online


Individuals - who just want to have a calendar they can access from anywhere


The Best HTML Web Calendar Creator is free to download and try out.

No personal information is requested or required.

If you like what you see and agree that $17 is a great price to pay, then you can purchase a registration code. If for any reason you don't like it, the software is easily uninstalled and of course you pay nothing.

Click here to download v2.2c

Newly Released - v2.2c

Click here to download The Best HTML Web Calendar Creator v2.2c
and check out the next version of the Best Calendar Software.

New features include:

More configuration options
- change sizes and colors of, day name, day number, event text

Add images to daily events for display on the monthly calendar

Subtitles to go along with Main Calendar Title

Calendars can now be made to the year 2025

Advanced HTML functions to store and add your own HTML code and java scripts to be added in to the calendar when you generate the HTML

7 languages supported
- English
- Dutch
- French
- German
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Spanish

Improved Configuration Tabs for easier, more intuitive customization

Background images

We are always wanting to improve and increase the functionality of this product.

Please help us by posting any issues, bugs or suggestions you have on the User Support Forum.
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